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Massage Chair Reviews Across This Great Country!

Across America, the 4th of July is not the only thing customers will be celebrating next weekend. We have heard from many customers regarding our popular chair the Infinity IT-8500. The massage chair reviews are pouring in and we are excited to share them with you.

*Brian from Rothsay, Minnesota says the Infinity IT-8500 "has helped [his] back out so much even the chiropractor has noticed a significant difference in [his] backs health. [He] uses it twice a day and it has become something [he] cannot live without. Definitely the best investment [he] ever made."

*From Burlington, Wisconsin, Robert says "I love this chair; I use it every single day!"

*Tim from Rochester, New York says "the only problem [he] has now is that [he] cannot get people to leave [his] house because they love the chair so much.

*Tracey from Waller, Texas says "the chair is AMAZING! [he] is a big fan of the preset relax mode, but [her] husband loves the stretching feature in the extend mode."

*"Every mode in this chair is great, but the stretch mode has helped relieve stress in my lower back," Patricia of Cocoa, Florida said about the 8500.

*From Montrose, Colorado, Mike "loves the stretch feature. Wife loves the rollers in the feet. [he] actually wants to purchase two more!."

*Adam from Plaines, Pennsylvania says "we love the deep tissue massage that this chair provides and try to take advantage of the chair as much as we can. Also the foot rollers feel unbelievable."


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