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Buying Guide


Best Body Massage Chair is your key to comfort. Our company has a variety of chairs to fit your needs. The following buyer’s guide will assist you in finding the right chair for the right price.


Convenience and Accessibility

Instead of spending gas and money on a massage therapist, wouldn’t it be nice to come home after a long hard day at work and sit in your comfortable massage chair after a hot bath or shower?

Best Body Massage Chair is ready to give you that peace of mind and easy accessibility to the perfect massage chair.

Save money and time and purchase a massage chair that will give you comfort for years to come in your own home.

If space is an issue, you should consider our space-saving massage chairs that will give you all the amenities you desire at just the right size for your living space.


Types of Chairs and Amenities

Best Body Massage Chair sells many different brands of chairs. Depending on the type of massage, size of the chair, amenities desired, and the price point, Best Body Massage Chair has what you are looking for in a massage chair.


Number of Users

Will you be the only one using your massage chair, or will you be sharing with multiple people? If it's going to be used by the whole family, you'll want to take their needs and preferences into account in addition to yours to ensure everyone is happy. For example, height, problem areas, and massage intensity are all areas that vary by user—and each of our chairs addresses these preferences in different ways. Let's break it down.




User Height

Massage chairs are not a one-size-fits-all type of product. We have massage chairs for petite as well as big and tall users that offer many features and benefits; however, to make the most of those benefits, your chair should fit you comfortably. Consider your height and, if applicable, that of other potential users in your household. Depending on the model, Best Body Massage Chair brands cater to people from 4'10" to those who stand over 6'3".


Exactly why does size matter?

  • Shoulder Airbag Massage: All of our chairs include shoulder airbags, which should reach and compress your shoulders and help keep them straight to encourage proper posture.
  • Massage Roller Track: Roller track length varies by massage chair, which affects where the rollers hit your body and make it another feature to account for when considering height.
  • Leg Rest: The leg rest of each massage chair provides a comprehensive calf and foot massage using airbag technology. They also have rollers in the soles of the feet for a soothing reflexology massage. To thoroughly enjoy the lower body massage, your legs should fit comfortably in the leg rest compartments. Each of our chairs features an adjustable leg rest mechanism, which means every chair accommodates a certain height range.

Symptoms and Needs

How are you looking to unlimit your wellness? Do you have problem areas you're trying to improve upon? The massage benefits are many, including:

  • Improved Circulation
  • Decreased Lower Back Pain
  • Better Sleep
  • Reduced Stress
  • Faster Workout Recovery




Type of Massages

  • We have adjustable strength—light (2D), medium (3D), and deep tissue (4D).
  • S-track focuses on your spine curvature and massages from your neck to your lower back.
  • L-track is similar to the S-track, but it also massages your glutes and thighs.
  • Zero gravity recline allows for an ideal massage and reduced pressure on your lower back.
  • Air massage differs from the typical massage provided by rollers. Air massage utilizes airbags that inflate and compress around specific areas of your body like arms and legs.


Additional Amenities

  • Heated massage chairs loosen muscles, ease aches and pains, and increase circulation.
  • Body scan technology scans your body to pinpoint where the massage is needed the most.


Warranty and Additional Tips

Your chair will have a warranty from 1-5 years with an option to purchase an extended warranty.

Best Body Massage Chair distributes nationwide via FedEx and UPS.


An Additional Note

If you are under a doctor’s care for chronic pain, please consult with your doctor about using a massage chair.


If you have additional questions about specific massage chairs, do not hesitate to call customer service.